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Netflix's Possible Vision for Anime

There is an interesting questions asked by Darkshadow on the Answerman section on Anime News Network. Answerman is a section in Anime News Network where Justin Sevakis answers questions by different users on the website. The question that is being answered is whether or not if Netflix should release their exclusive anime to physical media. Having Netflix not focusing in this area of the anime market is not surprising. I mentioned this in a previous blog but competition drives money for original content. The competitive edge of anime is something that is not new in the industry. Why do you think that all of these anime studios are still popping up? Well, the answer reveals any basic interest in business which is they see a company doing great work and they soon realize that they can succeed as well. This philosophy is also driven in exclusive content and Netflix is no exception. It is not the question of why Netflix does the things they do but rather of when they do the things they might do. The question that I am asking is when Netflix Originals might be available for home video. I think Netflix is trying to protect its brand while being fairly new to the anime community. The vision of Netflix is reflected in its viewers and how to capitalize on the next big moment of programs for its expanding its anime catalog. Remember, Netflix was built on the innovation of DVDs in 1997 when DVDs debuted in the United States. If you want to take a look for my inspiration for this blog entry, then check out the primary source below.

Magic Knight X's Crossover

In the coming week, there is a special crossover of Black Clover promoting an interesting series in the crossover. The series that is questioned is actually the film Eiga no Osomatsu-san featuring the Matsuno sextuplets of Osomatsu-san. The promotion of the movie is an one time deal in the special appearance. In the picture on, Asta and the oldest Matsuno sexuplet are wearing the other's clothes. The title of the episode is Magic Knight X which has fans questioning if the the picture was true or not. The series that wanted the crossever might have confused some anime fans who thought it as fan art. I did not realize that the picture was the real deal until now. I seen in it other sources on the interent and it flew above my head to the point of not checking. I hope this crossever adds to the story of Black Clover, for the story started a tad slow in the beginning. Look at the source below for more information on the special crossover of Black Clover.

Viz Media's Stake at Making Originals ​ Viz Media made an official announcement of turning original manga into anime. The announcement was made at Emerald City Comic Con for is plans involving 2020. The news also included an expansion of the manga library. Original works of Viz Media are officially decided for 2020 for first glances at their masterpieces of anime. With Viz Media expanding, it means only one thing in which the company's future is promising to its fanbase. The official name of the upcoming exclusive anime to Viz Media would be similar to Netflix Originals but instead Viz Originals. According to Viz Media's Twitter post, “With Viz Originals we have the opportunity to put over thirty years of experience at the service of the industry to bring original and proprietary content of the creators, all coming from the main creative minds in the world, ready to be put at the service of fans .” The excitement of this post is coming in a time where the competitive edge of exclusive shows is never higher. For more information, check out the translated website link where it was converted from Italian to English.

Fire Force Igniting Itself into Anime

Fire Force is being made into an anime in July of this year of 2019. The same creator of Soul Eater has also created Fire Force. The series humans turning into demons and their bodies catch on fire in the streets of Tokyo. The fire is caused by random transformations of demon-like creatures emitting from the person's day. Apparently, the transformations are ever present in every day life in the series. An organization going by Fire Force launches teams to defeat the creatures before more main ham is caused. According to the trailer, these creatures can be gigantic as one was seen towering a major bridge in the bay. Also, the fighters tasked with fighting these creatures might be more like to the creatures than what is first seen. They are able to fight with flames but are affected by the flames in their own way which is unforeseen. The fighters are tasked with the responsibility to maintain safety not only in Tokyo but the safety of the entire globe. According to Kodansha USA's Twitter page, Fire Force gets an unexpected new recruit and he is able to travel at rocket speed. He travels so fast that the only evidence of him being there are his impressions on the ground called “devil's footprints.” If you are a fan of the writing style of Soul Eater or the supernatural genre of anime, then the series of Fire Force might peek your interest. The trailer is shown on the website and 炎炎ノ消防隊's (which translates to “no fire brigade” in English) YouTube channel. One final note, you can literally call the Fire Force squad firefighters whose responsibilities are controlling the onslaught of supernatural fires caused by random episodes of combustion.

Live Action Can It Be Done

Anime in live action seems great when you first hear about it. However, the effect and reaction on the audience is difficult to gauge the likability. The things to take into consider are the creator's original intent for the series, is transforming the plot into reality, and is the culture invovled of the anime. Processing the anime material is a task that needs people asking questions from the studio who made it. The more information that the movie company has the more the likelihood that it could overcome the stigma of failed live adaptations. The stigma is something that affects the live action industry very heavily. Good ways to intercorporate strategies to overcome the stigma are do your homework, try the writing staff from the main source for advise, and learn various techiques on the overall background of the series. Things mentioned above are only suggestions from my perspective and might not be proven 100 percent to work. Here is a link from Screenrant that reflects the writer's perspective on his ten top choices for anime to be done in live action.

Sailor Moon and Moon Palace

Universal Studios Japan announces a new development of Sailor Moon in 4D. The screening of Sailor Moon is part of the park's new edition of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D: Moon Palace Chapter”. The recent addition is part of the company's Cool Japan project while showing other series like Attack on Titan and Lupin 3. Sailor Moon is being revisioned in a larger scale and will debut in the summer term of the park. “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D: Moon Palace Chapter” is meant to be an exclusive new original to the series of Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon screening will run on May 31, 2019, to August 25, 2019, at Universal Studios Japan. Fun fact, visitors will also receive a “Universal Heart Compact” as a gift from going to the 4D show. Check out the original website on the Crunchyroll News page and see all the hype behind the extra focusing of 3D technology through 4D. By the way, 4D is 3D technology but specified to the point where the image appears better than 3D.

Pi Day Celebrated Through Anime

Important Notice: Post Contains Spoilers for the .hack Series

In celebration of Pi Day, I was thinking of a way to discuss Pi and its connection to maybe anime. I found a character actually in the .hack series named Pi. It starts when Reiko Saeki is a character in .hack//Roots and plays as Ender. Ender is seeking a challenge and is known as a “PKer”. A “PKer” is short for player killer and Ender is a character who kills strong players agianst in a fight. Ender is an allias that Reiko uses when she is at CC Corp. Reiko is a system administrator at CC Corp. According to dothack fandom, “Reiko played as Ender until TaN was disbanded and then resumed her true form as Pi.” Pi is present in .hack//G.U. and .hack//Link anime seasons. Here is my brief entry concerning Pi Day and check more about Pi in wiki below about the character.

Omega Force's Final Battle

Omega Force launches the second chapter of Attack on Titan game series. The official name is Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle and it explores the expanded adventures of the 2018's Attack on Titan 2. This expansion runs more attention to characters and missions from season 3 of the anime. The 40 characters that are involved will be contributing to the expanding storyline and will be playing with new weapons of Thunder Spears. Thunder Spears are specialized weapons to penetrate the toughest armor in titans even the Armored Titan. Final Battle includes a Wall Reclamation arc with your exclusive squad fighting to get back Wall Maria. Crunchyroll News reports Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will make its debut on July 4, 2019, in Japan and July 5, 2019, in North America. The game is announced to be played on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One with support from Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Check out the trailer on Crunchyroll and see if the game would be interesting to try and play.

Fanservice Reveals Lazy Storywriting

Fanservice is highly used in anime for reasons unknown. Sometimes, a series is defined in fanservice as the core while others seem to show it at random times. The series that is in question is Fairy Tail with its recent episode of the last season. Fairy Tail Guild is currently facing a neighboring nation of Alvarez Empire. Fiore has it hands full with the empire, Spriggan 12, and Acnologia in the outgoing war of the final arc. In the current episode, Lucy and Natsu face Jacob Nessio, who is one of the Spriggan 12, in the looming war with the empire. Jacob uses magic to conceal his presence and is a foe to not take lightly. The surpring weakness is his ulimate techique which he forces the character to face their inner reactions towards fanservice. The techique serves as a double edge sword for the user and majority of the time the opponent. Natsu is unfazed seeing Lucy's clothes disappearing and starts to scheme while the enemy is distracted by Lucy. The situation gets weirder when the scheming involes tricking the enemy and launching a surprize attack towards Jacob. The random fanservice in the episode is only meant to please the audience with non-storyline content. Realistically, fanservice is a gimick by the creators to pull ratings and be used for selfish human desires. Remember fanservice is a way to appeal to an audience in a different light of using nudity and sexual innuendo even in mainstream anime. The link below explains the situation and how it all unfolds in the episode.

Exploring Shiny Pokemon

Here is a Google slides PowerPoint about Exploring Shiny Pokemon. I got inspired by someone else on a possible panel idea of Shiny Hunting. The PowerPoint is my stake at explaining shiny Pokemon as a whole not specifically shiny hunting. Check out the presentation for all it is worth and its glory. Do not forget to stop by the ReynoCon in the process for other awesome panel ideas and the activities that are planned on April 13 from 10 am to 4 pm and located on 700 E Jackson Street Richmond VA (Reynolds Downtown Campus). Please let me your reactions specifically either FaceBook Messenger at Maison Collawn or email at