Animated Eyes Being Hunted Important Notice: Possible Spoilers

Animation utilizes eyes in various designs and purposes. Generally, eyes are unique from person to person for what they look like. This difference in people sets the mood for individualism and some sense of identity. People might judge and isolate those with different eyes. Judging them could lead to fixations over the power associated with such eyes or the commodity status of them. These fixations in theses characters' circumstances mean that there are so prized even it means to hunt and kill for them possibly.

Kurapika (Hunter-x-Hunter) is the last member of the Kurta Clan and is a Blacklist Hunter. A Blacklist Hunter is a hunter who specializes in tracking and capturing fugitives. The status of the Hunter specialization is connected with Kurapika's past of the Scarlet Eye Massacre. He vows for revenge against the Phantom Troupe (a crime syndicate). The Kurta Clan were murdered for their Scarlet Eyes for their level of beauty being different than normal eyes. Also, he created the Judgement Chain to counteract the Phantom Troupe by cursing them by death if they disobey a rule under this effect.

Danzō Shimura (Naruto) is the leader and founder of the Root (a secret organization that works behind the scenes for Konohagakure). He earned the status of Sixth Hokage Candidate to only flee the Five Kage Summit before the new title. As The Darkness of the Shinobi, Danzō works in the shadows for the betterment of the Hidden Leaf even when his ideas are a bit radical. This eventually leads him to go in the deep end and started experimenting with people's lives. He envisioned a peaceful and safe village for all and part of his plans were hunting down some of the eyes of the Uchiha Clan for his personal use. As a top elder of the village, he was always concerned with the well-being of Konoha but he got misguided along the way.

Ruby Rose (RWBY) is a former student from Beacon Academy and wields the Crescent Rose (a combo sniper and scythe weapon). Even though, RWBY is not an anime it still has anime inspired plots while the letters stand for the four-person team at Beacon whose members are Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Ruby's fighting style is high moving speed, precision-controlled attacks that are distant and close range. She is known to leave rose petals when Ruby uses her Semblance or aura to boost her speed even more. In addition to the Semblance, Ruby also comes from a warrior lineage with silver eyes. The Silver Eyes are one of a kind for the light that emits from them can destroy Grimm (creatures of destruction that seek out negative emotions of humanity) with origins from God of Light. Maria, a former Silver Eyes user, believes that the reason why these eyes are really rare is that someone might be hunting them into extinction.

Free (Soul Eater) is imprisoned for stealing a powerful eye and among all things he is immoral. This character also goes by the name the Wolf Man with the Demon Eye and is from the Immorality Clan or Werewolf clan. He is said that he obtained the Demon Eye by stealing it from Maba (current Queen of the Witch Order) in a sense he hunted the witch for her eye. Free's true form is the Wolf Man of Legend which allows him to use the magic behind the Demon Eye. Maba's eye has a spell called the Demon Eye Cannon that can only be used in the true form from Free. Basically, when this werewolf gets serious with magic from the Demon Eye and his physical prowess of martial arts he is hard to defeat in any capacity except maybe the Witch-Hunt.

Therefore, eyes in animation provide an interesting twist to the terms of understanding human actions in some light and learning to accept differences.