Anime Eyes With Rage Important Notice: SPOILERS for various shows and franchises do not know specifics about them.

Emotions often come out in the most exaggerated way possible in anime. These emotions include sadness, loneliness, happiness, gluttony, and other moods. Often, anime depicts characters with emotions by drawing additional features like stress lines, raised eyebrows, shown teeth, and even symbols to indicate the nonverbal behavior. There is one emotion where it gets empathized the most which is rage and anger. When an anime character gets furious, they are drawn with eyes changes, symbols that mean irritated, red faces, fire in the eyes, and deadly glares. Anime is full of moments where a character would get upset and tend to spread fear to others in that state.

Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia) is your typical hothead who is bothered by a lot of things in life. He has a quirk where it is fueled by his emotions such as anger which is the most deadly catalyst for ignition abilities. Kacchan is not known for patience and loses it while quickly. However, underneath all of the anger, he does care somewhat about his classmates at U.A. High School, though he would not admit openly.

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball Z) is the daughter of the Ox King and princess of the Fire Mountain. During her childhood, she was very shy and timid then change to a character who is tough and fierce. She has a tendency to fly off her handle at several times in Dragon Ball. Chi-Chi is known to scare even the likes of Goku, the main protagonist of Dragon Ball, at times due to her hot temper. You can say she is happy most of the time except when something or someone makes causes her to have a furious attitude.

Rebecca Lee (Black Lagoon) or Revy is the Two Hands assailant for the Black Lagoon pirate company. She has tremendous firepower in a wide range of arsenal to outwit other corrupt individuals who stand in her way. Revy has a difficult time trusting other people and has a rough upbringing. There is nothing more that satisfies her than an adversary of equal skills in a battle similar to Revy. Revy’s demeanor is coldhearted and solitary for only she wants to live with guns blazing all the time. She is not a person to mess with because if you do you might as well have signed your death warrant.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) is a prodigy of alchemy and earned the nickname of Fullmetal Alchemist. However, Edward is sensitive to people calling him short and anything to say that he is vertically challenged. The infamous phrase that Ed says a lot when he is insulted is, “Who are you calling short?” This sets on the edge and he is willing to fight to the nail to prove he is not a pipsqueak. Often times when someone rubs salt in the wound, it is usually people mistake him not being Fullmetal and underestimating him based on size. The best way to piss off Edward to call him out on his height and say he is not worth your time.

Kaede, (Elfen Lied) also known as Lucy, who is the Queen of the Diclonius (an evolutionary offshoot of humanity). She has a triple personality in the forms of Lucy, Kaede, and Nyu where Kaede comes out as a survival mechanism. Kaede represents the pain and misery that Lucy underwent as a child in the serve trauma of being different. The relationship between Lucy, Kaede, and the temporary Nyu made an interesting contrast in personalities and shared bonds among them. Kaede is the one to watch for she is capable of doing massive damage with transparent hands or vectors through telekinesis. Leave Lucy alone unless you want a premature burial often in most cases.

Eyes in these cases often are not just for show and tell. If you see them then you might want to reconsider your reactions to any of the listed characters above. Also, eyes hold so much insight in nonverbal behavior and can forewarn when you are in treacherous waters. Remember, everybody has different meanings with body language and some might not have it all. A person is a snowflake for they no one person is perfectly alike to another person. Therefore, facial cues and other nonverbal communication is important to understand for reading someone gives insight into what they might be thinking.