Konosuba: The Legend of Crimson Review

Imagine, your life is all peaceful and then all of a sudden a truck comes your way. Well, this is the case for Satou Kazuma in “Konosuba: God's blessing on this wonderful world!” Kazuma is soon reincarnated in another world and meets a goddess named Aqua. As a favor for Kazuma, Aqua allows him one wish to bring one thing in the new video-game themed universe. Unexpectedly to Aqua’s surprise, he chooses the goddess to go with him to the town of Axel. Aqua is the water deity for Axel and as such her legend is known. These unlikely characters form a party and fight the Devil King for Aqua’s return to the afterlife of guiding people. They decide to live a normal life despite their best efforts they mess up and got the attention of the Devil King’s army.

According to the Konosuba website, after Kazuma’s death, “He formed a dysfunctional party with a goddess, a wizard, and a crusader to fight against monsters.” These unexpected heroes soon take the fight to the Devil King and along the way, there are many obstacles before the Crimson Demons’ volume 5. In fact, some of Konosuba: The Legend of Crimson focuses on Megumin and Yunyun’s connections to the Crimson Demons. We see their connections being explained in the movie and the story behind the Megumin and Yunyun rivalry. I feel that this connection is important for these characters for their character development and future in the third anime season and upcoming manga volumes.

Anyway, the movie starts with the major characters in a lobby setting and Yunyun starting the conflict with letters. The letters give details concerning the Crimson Demon village and the circumstances of a prophecy. Megumin notices Arua is written on one of the letters and this changes the narrative surrounding the words written on paper. Yunyun decides to go to the Crimson Demon village while the main characters deliberate rather if they go or not. Megumin decides to go and support Yunyun at her ancestral village. The entire gang goes to the Wiz and gets her to use the Teleport spell to send them to the village.

Having seen the official trailer, Sylvia is the antagonist throughout The Crimson Legend. She fights the party of misfits and might be a severe threat to them. She is a thorn in Crimson Demons’ side for a long time and scheming is a significant aspect of her personality. In the trailer, she says that “The Crimson Demons will be wiped out by the very power that they’ve been guarding!” This reveals the overall conflict of the movie and the great fight against Sylvia who is a dangerous foe. Sylvia is a very interesting character for she might have some redeeming qualities about her. She does not conform to the regular static (no change in personality) villain but a villain character who is dynamic (a character with a change in personality from the beginning towards the end).

The comedy behind the movie was immense and surrounded itself in good flow to the feature film. It was not just my reaction to the funny moments but also the entire theater audience. There were circumstances where the laughter was so much that the only thing you were doing was laughing. I felt the excitement in many ways like laughing so hard and could not form a word or enjoying other people’s reactions to the same content. The humor might have been influenced by the large audience in the theater but I still had a genuine laugh, unlike some comedy shows. Though, I have to warn you that the comedy of the movie is mostly innuendos (words with more than one meaning) by a sexual nature. The jokes are related to Japan’s culture about the ecchi genre and comedy that could be risqué at times.

I have to admit the movie was already appealing before the theater outing but then after the film, I felt lots of happiness. I can say without a doubt it was one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time from cinematic release in theaters. For those who want to see in post-theater then maybe consider the DVD release for possibly behind the scene footage and extras. I personally thank Crunchyroll for Crunchyroll Movie Night and their partnership with Kadokawa (the anime distributor of Konosuba) and FathomEvents (the organizer for entertainment events like Konosuba for U.S. theaters) showcasing Konosuba: God's blessing on this wonderful world!– Legend of Crimson. On one final note, “When you live in another world, sometimes going home is the greatest adventure!” from the trailer.