One Piece Stampede Review

Who wouldn't want to observe pirates going all out and succeed for the ultimate prize? The movie starts with Luffy and the Strawhats crew embarking on a special Pirate Expo. This festival holds the prize of something beyond any pirate which is the One Piece.

Gold D. Roger was the Pirate King and as such his demise was the start of the Golden Age of Pirates (a time where pirates flourished in the pursuit of the legendary treasure). Monkey D. Luffy's ultimate goal to be the Pirate King and find the One Piece to reach that status once for all.

The Strawhats subsequently go to this Pirate Expo and are surrounded by an entire island of fellow pirates seeking treasure. I really like the exposition of everyone coming via Jolley Rodgers related ships from the open sea. The Expo is “made by pirates for pirates” and the exciting morale of the statement creates an atmosphere fitting for the One Piece. These pirates begin to compete in a battle royal setting at first then to war against one character. The Marineford Arc is a reality and then some in Stampede.

Personally, I really liked the suspense of Douglas Bullet and Buena Festa uniting to create the Stampede storyline. We observe conflict identity, power structure inbalance, justice, and other important literary techniques. The situation in its entirety unfolds is really well-made fighting sequences and comedic moments. It makes you feel like you are actually in the movie and captures the emotions of the characters taking a stand for themselves.

Whoever obtains the One Piece would have the ultimate treasure a chance to obtain the greatest freedom. This idea is not just a treasure but a state of mind for feeling the freest and the most achieved in life. Henceforth, One Piece Stampede is definitely worth watching and who knows who will prevail in the end?