One Punch Man vs. Iron Fist

Recently, there was a purchase of a custom print picturing two individuals who process the ability of power fists. (Power fists refers to the immense physical strength or speed in a punch or specifically, in this case, a unique power in the arms or upper body.

Richmond Comic Con provided the chance for me to buy a fan sketch of Saitama and Danny Rand fighting one another. These two characters hold extreme power and are well known for their signature combat style through punches.

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and holds enough power to end a fight usually in one punch. According to Saitama, he spent time training in a very rigorous regiment for a year and a half to get stronger. The regiment was so intense that training consisted of “100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10km daily running” every day. Through training, Saitama was able to reach this state where even he does not know how much power he possesses. Eventually, he uses his powers to try to do good in Z City by accessing overwhelming strength, enhanced leaping and running, and many other abilities.

Danny Rand is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe who received the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist is a title that bestowed to a warrior who undergoes the Duel of K’un-Lun and defeats Shou-Lao in the “Cave of the Dragon.” Danny was an orphan taken in and training in the way of K-un-Lun (a place hidden in the Himalayas) as a practitioner of various martial arts. Being the Iron Fist, Danny has Chi Enhanced Physiology which grants the user control and the ability to channel Chi like the Iron Fist and other Chi influenced techniques. The Chi acts as an enforced armament in the fist causing the Iron Fist to glow yellow and be a superhuman punch.

Hypothetically, if Saitama and Danny would fight, the outcome would be one-sided. Saitama has a greater advantage because his immense power and superhuman qualities are overwhelming for Danny. One Punch Man is a series that has the protagonist not knowing the true extent of his abilities in a fight. He would have to hold back for the fear of Danny's safety in the fight. The Iron Fist might have handled himself in various fights in the Marvel Universe but a human is still a human. Even though he is human, the Iron Fist status gives Danny enhanced protection in battle. Enhanced gives the user more durability and heightened senses while superhuman in Saitama's case is way beyond comprehension.

This fight was not a battle to determine a winner or loser, but rather two powered fists wielding individuals battling one another. I just like the print and the image it gives is all it matters.

Also, the Anime vs. Marvel argument there is no clear winner for their work merely to entertain the watchers and readers. It seems like the Marvel Universe might compare to only one Anime universe in its entirety. In a nutshell, Anime is so huge that something like Marvel would be like comparing oranges to apples.