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Seven Deadly Sins Profile: Meliodas

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a Netflix Original Anime series. Netflix bought the rights to make the Anime and along with other entertainment for original content on their platform.

The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of legendary knights in Liones. The Liones Kingdom used to hold these knights “as the strongest and cruelest chivalric order in the kingdom” until after one turn of events. These knights represent the sins of humanity as such all of them have characteristics to their particular sin. The characters of the seven require time to escape their accusations of betrayal and come back together as six in numbers. Now, they fight against the force of the betrayal and surprises that await them.

For this particular blog post, the sin that will be explored is the character profile of Meliodas. Meliodas is the Dragon Sin of Wrath and the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He might seem really friendly which he is but he can lose self control just like anyone. It takes an extreme situation for Meliodas to turn from his usual personality to his wrathful side. This might be rare but when it occurs the situation at hand is dire for those around him. Changing into a state of high alert where anyone is the enemy causes Meliodas to potentially hurt those close to him. Friend or foe, it does not matter in the heightened state of anger and rage.

Meliodas’s wrathful side could be explained through his age and connection to longevity. He bears the Ouroboros tattoo of a dragon eating its tail. Ouroboros represents infinity a cycle in which time repeats itself forever. As a dragon is a symbol of anger, the snake in a circle is the embodiment of a long life as an immoral being. Meliodas has both anger and longevity in his character design and plays a significant role in the story. Currently, the captain is 3,000 years plus in Seven Deadly Sins and has a cursed side to him. The Ten Commandments (a group of powerful demons) are tied to Meliodas’s curse of immortality and they hold the key to get rid of it.

The Ten Commandments might prove a powerful adversary but Meliodas is a top contender as well. He has the origins of a demon and has ties to the Demon King. He is the eldest son of the Demon King and at one time he was the leader of the Ten Commandments. His involvement led the character to be known as the Meliodas the Love which is a name that strikes fear even the slightest mention of the Demon Clan. He fell in love with Elizabeth and as a result the dreaded Holy War began between the five clans. He is doomed to everlasting life and reverts back to his demon side whenever he dies. Both Elizabeth and Meliodas are tied to cursed lives and the fate of not seeing one another in their true forms.

Outside, Meliodas’s demon side and anger, he still possesses his normal fighting capabilities. He uses an attack where magic is reflected back at the opponent more than double the original power. Full Counter is the name of this move and allows the caster to manipulate other people’s magic back at them. There are limits to this like the user can not bounce back their magic, physical attacks, or indirect spells from the opposing party. It only reflects direct spells at whoever cast them in the first place. Also, another variation of counter is Revenge Counter. This allows Meliodas to absorb damage and store it. Revenge Counter is considered his trump card and is used as a last resort. He has to take damage and store the overall force from consecutive strikes the person he fights. He then unleashes this stored energy and causes a massive shockwave devastating the other fighter similar to an explosion.

Finally, Wrath is slated for those who express extreme furiousness, hatred, or other related negative feelings to rage. Meliodas embodies wrath not just for his demon heritage but wanting to protect those close to him. He can exert some control over the viciousness from being a demon through the belief of love and compassion. This love is what caused Meliodas to betray the Demon Clan and side with the other clans in the Holy War. So, remember if you mess with Meliodas, then you might wake up the sleeping dragon and the dragon’s wrath.

Konosuba: The Legend of Crimson Review

Imagine, your life is all peaceful and then all of a sudden a truck comes your way. Well, this is the case for Satou Kazuma in “Konosuba: God's blessing on this wonderful world!” Kazuma is soon reincarnated in another world and meets a goddess named Aqua. As a favor for Kazuma, Aqua allows him one wish to bring one thing in the new video-game themed universe. Unexpectedly to Aqua’s surprise, he chooses the goddess to go with him to the town of Axel. Aqua is the water deity for Axel and as such her legend is known. These unlikely characters form a party and fight the Devil King for Aqua’s return to the afterlife of guiding people. They decide to live a normal life despite their best efforts they mess up and got the attention of the Devil King’s army.

According to the Konosuba website, after Kazuma’s death, “He formed a dysfunctional party with a goddess, a wizard, and a crusader to fight against monsters.” These unexpected heroes soon take the fight to the Devil King and along the way, there are many obstacles before the Crimson Demons’ volume 5. In fact, some of Konosuba: The Legend of Crimson focuses on Megumin and Yunyun’s connections to the Crimson Demons. We see their connections being explained in the movie and the story behind the Megumin and Yunyun rivalry. I feel that this connection is important for these characters for their character development and future in the third anime season and upcoming manga volumes.

Anyway, the movie starts with the major characters in a lobby setting and Yunyun starting the conflict with letters. The letters give details concerning the Crimson Demon village and the circumstances of a prophecy. Megumin notices Arua is written on one of the letters and this changes the narrative surrounding the words written on paper. Yunyun decides to go to the Crimson Demon village while the main characters deliberate rather if they go or not. Megumin decides to go and support Yunyun at her ancestral village. The entire gang goes to the Wiz and gets her to use the Teleport spell to send them to the village.

Having seen the official trailer, Sylvia is the antagonist throughout The Crimson Legend. She fights the party of misfits and might be a severe threat to them. She is a thorn in Crimson Demons’ side for a long time and scheming is a significant aspect of her personality. In the trailer, she says that “The Crimson Demons will be wiped out by the very power that they’ve been guarding!” This reveals the overall conflict of the movie and the great fight against Sylvia who is a dangerous foe. Sylvia is a very interesting character for she might have some redeeming qualities about her. She does not conform to the regular static (no change in personality) villain but a villain character who is dynamic (a character with a change in personality from the beginning towards the end).

The comedy behind the movie was immense and surrounded itself in good flow to the feature film. It was not just my reaction to the funny moments but also the entire theater audience. There were circumstances where the laughter was so much that the only thing you were doing was laughing. I felt the excitement in many ways like laughing so hard and could not form a word or enjoying other people’s reactions to the same content. The humor might have been influenced by the large audience in the theater but I still had a genuine laugh, unlike some comedy shows. Though, I have to warn you that the comedy of the movie is mostly innuendos (words with more than one meaning) by a sexual nature. The jokes are related to Japan’s culture about the ecchi genre and comedy that could be risqué at times.

I have to admit the movie was already appealing before the theater outing but then after the film, I felt lots of happiness. I can say without a doubt it was one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time from cinematic release in theaters. For those who want to see in post-theater then maybe consider the DVD release for possibly behind the scene footage and extras. I personally thank Crunchyroll for Crunchyroll Movie Night and their partnership with Kadokawa (the anime distributor of Konosuba) and FathomEvents (the organizer for entertainment events like Konosuba for U.S. theaters) showcasing Konosuba: God's blessing on this wonderful world!– Legend of Crimson. On one final note, “When you live in another world, sometimes going home is the greatest adventure!” from the trailer.

Anime Eyes Multiplied

Generally, the word eyes signify that there are two (somewhat symmetrical in nature) orbs that allow us the sense to see. However, sometimes, especially in Anime, eyes can pertain to more than just two.

There are various reasons for this third eye (symbolic for evil and psychics), simply because they are not human, transform and gain lots of eyes, or other alignments later caused by something else. Characters with multiple eyes most of the time have an advantage for their use while other characters may have none at all. It depends on the design of the creator or author to determine what characteristics regarding sight a character has. Creating a character with this phenomenon is subjective and the characters mentioned today reflect that anomaly.

During the Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Kingdom Arc, there was a level-one dark fusion monster by the name of the Thousand-Eyes Restrict. Also, Thousand-Eyes Restrict’s eyes have tremendous hypnotizing potential and as such making it hard to potentially maneuver around them. This monster is rightly named for its thousand eyes which caused a huge headache for Yami in his duel with Pegasus.

Maximillion Pegasus summoned this spellcaster in an attempt to equip Dark Magician of Chaos but to no avail. Yami tributed Kuriboh and used the Multiply spell to blind Restrict which lead to the downfall of the monster. Basically, the effect of Multiply special summoned a thousand Kuribohs and made Thousand-Eyes Restrict equip the mighty Kuriboh instead of Black Magician of Chaos.

Pai (3x3 Eyes) is the last surviving Sanjiyan Unkara (a tri clops creature who lives a very long time) and carries a third eye in her forehead. As she aged, Pai developed a split personality as a mechanism to cope with her longevity. In fact, she is the only Sanjiyan shown to have more than one personality in the series. One day, Pai’s pet is released and caused the death of Yakumo Fujii. Right before Yakumo’s death, Pai has a last-ditch effort to force her soul in her body. Yakumo appeared with a third eye on the forehead and now, Pai and Yakumo are one and the same in one body. These two characters are intertwined in a conquest to restore their humanity and foil the conquering plans of the Demon-Eye King of the Sanjiyan.

Wisely Kamelot (D-Gray Man) is a member of the Noah Clan who hates the Innocence and Exorcists in the show. The Noah Clan has domain over the Akuma (creatures of dark matter controlled by the Noah) and can single-handedly destroy the human race simply touching them with the Akuma blood virus (fatal to humanity by skin-to-skin contact in which a human’s body starts to break down). Wisely is known to be a weaker Noah than the others but still has the same hatred running through his veins. He is the successor for the Demon-Eye Noah which grants an additional three eyes. He has a total of five eyes and the special powers associated with the extra three eyes are mind-reading, mind manipulation (various techniques over the mind), and mind investigation (telepathy between other Noah members and Noah tracking ability).

Eyes might serve as visual organs but there far more uses for them than that reason. These characters give the term “four eyes” a new meaning for extra eyes exceed the count of four in some circumstances. Also, remember that multiple might seem unneeded; however, there are characters whose existence comes with extra eyes. Honestly, multiple eyes in real life are freaky and that creep factor is in a higher degree in Anime.

Anime empathizes with the creep factor from extra eyes in character design and sets themselves different from others doing the same thing. The eyes we have simply exist to act as a mirror and see the world for what it is even if it is creepy.

Animated Eyes Being Hunted Important Notice: Possible Spoilers

Animation utilizes eyes in various designs and purposes. Generally, eyes are unique from person to person for what they look like. This difference in people sets the mood for individualism and some sense of identity. People might judge and isolate those with different eyes. Judging them could lead to fixations over the power associated with such eyes or the commodity status of them. These fixations in theses characters' circumstances mean that there are so prized even it means to hunt and kill for them possibly.

Kurapika (Hunter-x-Hunter) is the last member of the Kurta Clan and is a Blacklist Hunter. A Blacklist Hunter is a hunter who specializes in tracking and capturing fugitives. The status of the Hunter specialization is connected with Kurapika's past of the Scarlet Eye Massacre. He vows for revenge against the Phantom Troupe (a crime syndicate). The Kurta Clan were murdered for their Scarlet Eyes for their level of beauty being different than normal eyes. Also, he created the Judgement Chain to counteract the Phantom Troupe by cursing them by death if they disobey a rule under this effect.

Danzō Shimura (Naruto) is the leader and founder of the Root (a secret organization that works behind the scenes for Konohagakure). He earned the status of Sixth Hokage Candidate to only flee the Five Kage Summit before the new title. As The Darkness of the Shinobi, Danzō works in the shadows for the betterment of the Hidden Leaf even when his ideas are a bit radical. This eventually leads him to go in the deep end and started experimenting with people's lives. He envisioned a peaceful and safe village for all and part of his plans were hunting down some of the eyes of the Uchiha Clan for his personal use. As a top elder of the village, he was always concerned with the well-being of Konoha but he got misguided along the way.

Ruby Rose (RWBY) is a former student from Beacon Academy and wields the Crescent Rose (a combo sniper and scythe weapon). Even though, RWBY is not an anime it still has anime inspired plots while the letters stand for the four-person team at Beacon whose members are Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Ruby's fighting style is high moving speed, precision-controlled attacks that are distant and close range. She is known to leave rose petals when Ruby uses her Semblance or aura to boost her speed even more. In addition to the Semblance, Ruby also comes from a warrior lineage with silver eyes. The Silver Eyes are one of a kind for the light that emits from them can destroy Grimm (creatures of destruction that seek out negative emotions of humanity) with origins from God of Light. Maria, a former Silver Eyes user, believes that the reason why these eyes are really rare is that someone might be hunting them into extinction.

Free (Soul Eater) is imprisoned for stealing a powerful eye and among all things he is immoral. This character also goes by the name the Wolf Man with the Demon Eye and is from the Immorality Clan or Werewolf clan. He is said that he obtained the Demon Eye by stealing it from Maba (current Queen of the Witch Order) in a sense he hunted the witch for her eye. Free's true form is the Wolf Man of Legend which allows him to use the magic behind the Demon Eye. Maba's eye has a spell called the Demon Eye Cannon that can only be used in the true form from Free. Basically, when this werewolf gets serious with magic from the Demon Eye and his physical prowess of martial arts he is hard to defeat in any capacity except maybe the Witch-Hunt.

Therefore, eyes in animation provide an interesting twist to the terms of understanding human actions in some light and learning to accept differences.

Anime Eyes With Rage Important Notice: SPOILERS for various shows and franchises do not know specifics about them.

Emotions often come out in the most exaggerated way possible in anime. These emotions include sadness, loneliness, happiness, gluttony, and other moods. Often, anime depicts characters with emotions by drawing additional features like stress lines, raised eyebrows, shown teeth, and even symbols to indicate the nonverbal behavior. There is one emotion where it gets empathized the most which is rage and anger. When an anime character gets furious, they are drawn with eyes changes, symbols that mean irritated, red faces, fire in the eyes, and deadly glares. Anime is full of moments where a character would get upset and tend to spread fear to others in that state.

Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia) is your typical hothead who is bothered by a lot of things in life. He has a quirk where it is fueled by his emotions such as anger which is the most deadly catalyst for ignition abilities. Kacchan is not known for patience and loses it while quickly. However, underneath all of the anger, he does care somewhat about his classmates at U.A. High School, though he would not admit openly.

Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball Z) is the daughter of the Ox King and princess of the Fire Mountain. During her childhood, she was very shy and timid then change to a character who is tough and fierce. She has a tendency to fly off her handle at several times in Dragon Ball. Chi-Chi is known to scare even the likes of Goku, the main protagonist of Dragon Ball, at times due to her hot temper. You can say she is happy most of the time except when something or someone makes causes her to have a furious attitude.

Rebecca Lee (Black Lagoon) or Revy is the Two Hands assailant for the Black Lagoon pirate company. She has tremendous firepower in a wide range of arsenal to outwit other corrupt individuals who stand in her way. Revy has a difficult time trusting other people and has a rough upbringing. There is nothing more that satisfies her than an adversary of equal skills in a battle similar to Revy. Revy’s demeanor is coldhearted and solitary for only she wants to live with guns blazing all the time. She is not a person to mess with because if you do you might as well have signed your death warrant.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) is a prodigy of alchemy and earned the nickname of Fullmetal Alchemist. However, Edward is sensitive to people calling him short and anything to say that he is vertically challenged. The infamous phrase that Ed says a lot when he is insulted is, “Who are you calling short?” This sets on the edge and he is willing to fight to the nail to prove he is not a pipsqueak. Often times when someone rubs salt in the wound, it is usually people mistake him not being Fullmetal and underestimating him based on size. The best way to piss off Edward to call him out on his height and say he is not worth your time.

Kaede, (Elfen Lied) also known as Lucy, who is the Queen of the Diclonius (an evolutionary offshoot of humanity). She has a triple personality in the forms of Lucy, Kaede, and Nyu where Kaede comes out as a survival mechanism. Kaede represents the pain and misery that Lucy underwent as a child in the serve trauma of being different. The relationship between Lucy, Kaede, and the temporary Nyu made an interesting contrast in personalities and shared bonds among them. Kaede is the one to watch for she is capable of doing massive damage with transparent hands or vectors through telekinesis. Leave Lucy alone unless you want a premature burial often in most cases.

Eyes in these cases often are not just for show and tell. If you see them then you might want to reconsider your reactions to any of the listed characters above. Also, eyes hold so much insight in nonverbal behavior and can forewarn when you are in treacherous waters. Remember, everybody has different meanings with body language and some might not have it all. A person is a snowflake for they no one person is perfectly alike to another person. Therefore, facial cues and other nonverbal communication is important to understand for reading someone gives insight into what they might be thinking.

Anime USA 2019 Convention Review

Anime USA took place from October 31st to November 3rd, 2019 at the Washington Marriott Hotel at Wardman Park. I came to this convention in hopes to do an interactive panel on Anime Genres. When I applied, I also did the application form for volunteers as back up.

A few days before going to the convention there was an email with a discount code. This surprised me because I was put on the waitlist for my panel and was later declined due to a lack of space. I feel that I learned more about convention security and convention setup while at Anime USA.

Anime USA came to fruition by a group of Anime fans coming together and making their passion for a convention a reality in 1999. These anime fans made a 3-day event where the goal was to “celebrate Japanese animation, art, culture, history, and fashion” (Anime USA's guidebook information). Five years later, the event would change from for-profit to a Non-Profit Organization. Any money earned through registration, vendors, merchandise, and other revenue goes directly into the next year's budget. The motto of Anime USA is Of Otaku, By Otaku, For Otaku and this is embraced a lot at the hotel and the anime activities.

My days were mostly spent in volunteering at Anime USA. On day one, I went to the Convention Ops and they said that there was no needed help specifically. They told me to wander around and see who might need assistance in various areas. After a few tries, the arcade or gaming room presented a potential task as a monitor. So, I patrolled around the gaming equipment to see if machines were down, anyone with problems, and more importantly, make sure that drinks and food were not on any of the various electronics. Then, the Dealer's Hall needed a person to check badges before entering and as such the same was needed back at the Exhibition Level right near the gaming section again.

The only time that I had to enjoy a few of the activities was at around 10 pm on Friday, Nov. 1st. I ventured to go to the tabletop section (non-electronic gaming) to possibly Yugioh. There was someone to duel but only for one duel. He played with my Timelords deck while I choose my flip effects deck. Timelords have too many effects to name like normal summon without tribute with controlling no monsters, field protection (can not be destroyed by card effects and battle), taking no battle damage, and end of battle effects (dealing direct damage or getting cards on the field or graveyard). I used the flip effects for the only weakness on the Timelords were them being shuffled during the opponent's Standby Phase. Dice Jar is a broken effect if you roll a six on a di and deal 6000 direct damage to the opposing party.

There were also Cards Against Humanity being played at Tabletop and funny enough there was a Cards Against Humanity Panel. In CAH, the only victory of a card given to me was my card The Great Depression to the question of, what do millions of Americans struggle with every day? The panel was originally a roost of Anime USA but it turned out to be seven people playing the game and a host. It was very fun for the audience were the ones to judge the winner for the best card or the crudest of them all. Cards Against Humanity is a game where the main goal is the adult version of Apples to Apples to fill in the blanks.

Finally, Anime USA was really well planned out and I am glad I was a part of it. Looking back, I would say that it was an overall success in my opinion. At the Post-Modern Comedy Panel, Chex the Panelist was the host and did a superb job at explaining humor and bringing excitement to panels at Cons. I can say in the future that I am definitely seeing Chex again as a co-panelist. I am now able to understand what goes into a convention behind the scenes. This occurred while volunteering at the Patrol Safety desk which provided much insight in convention operations. Conventions are not easy to plan and there is a lot more to them than people realize. Therefore, go to a convention or any other large event and think of the work that went into it and take it to heart.

One Punch Man vs. Iron Fist

Recently, there was a purchase of a custom print picturing two individuals who process the ability of power fists. (Power fists refers to the immense physical strength or speed in a punch or specifically, in this case, a unique power in the arms or upper body.

Richmond Comic Con provided the chance for me to buy a fan sketch of Saitama and Danny Rand fighting one another. These two characters hold extreme power and are well known for their signature combat style through punches.

Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and holds enough power to end a fight usually in one punch. According to Saitama, he spent time training in a very rigorous regiment for a year and a half to get stronger. The regiment was so intense that training consisted of “100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10km daily running” every day. Through training, Saitama was able to reach this state where even he does not know how much power he possesses. Eventually, he uses his powers to try to do good in Z City by accessing overwhelming strength, enhanced leaping and running, and many other abilities.

Danny Rand is a fictional character from the Marvel Universe who received the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist is a title that bestowed to a warrior who undergoes the Duel of K’un-Lun and defeats Shou-Lao in the “Cave of the Dragon.” Danny was an orphan taken in and training in the way of K-un-Lun (a place hidden in the Himalayas) as a practitioner of various martial arts. Being the Iron Fist, Danny has Chi Enhanced Physiology which grants the user control and the ability to channel Chi like the Iron Fist and other Chi influenced techniques. The Chi acts as an enforced armament in the fist causing the Iron Fist to glow yellow and be a superhuman punch.

Hypothetically, if Saitama and Danny would fight, the outcome would be one-sided. Saitama has a greater advantage because his immense power and superhuman qualities are overwhelming for Danny. One Punch Man is a series that has the protagonist not knowing the true extent of his abilities in a fight. He would have to hold back for the fear of Danny's safety in the fight. The Iron Fist might have handled himself in various fights in the Marvel Universe but a human is still a human. Even though he is human, the Iron Fist status gives Danny enhanced protection in battle. Enhanced gives the user more durability and heightened senses while superhuman in Saitama's case is way beyond comprehension.

This fight was not a battle to determine a winner or loser, but rather two powered fists wielding individuals battling one another. I just like the print and the image it gives is all it matters.

Also, the Anime vs. Marvel argument there is no clear winner for their work merely to entertain the watchers and readers. It seems like the Marvel Universe might compare to only one Anime universe in its entirety. In a nutshell, Anime is so huge that something like Marvel would be like comparing oranges to apples.

One Piece Stampede Review

Who wouldn't want to observe pirates going all out and succeed for the ultimate prize? The movie starts with Luffy and the Strawhats crew embarking on a special Pirate Expo. This festival holds the prize of something beyond any pirate which is the One Piece.

Gold D. Roger was the Pirate King and as such his demise was the start of the Golden Age of Pirates (a time where pirates flourished in the pursuit of the legendary treasure). Monkey D. Luffy's ultimate goal to be the Pirate King and find the One Piece to reach that status once for all.

The Strawhats subsequently go to this Pirate Expo and are surrounded by an entire island of fellow pirates seeking treasure. I really like the exposition of everyone coming via Jolley Rodgers related ships from the open sea. The Expo is “made by pirates for pirates” and the exciting morale of the statement creates an atmosphere fitting for the One Piece. These pirates begin to compete in a battle royal setting at first then to war against one character. The Marineford Arc is a reality and then some in Stampede.

Personally, I really liked the suspense of Douglas Bullet and Buena Festa uniting to create the Stampede storyline. We observe conflict identity, power structure inbalance, justice, and other important literary techniques. The situation in its entirety unfolds is really well-made fighting sequences and comedic moments. It makes you feel like you are actually in the movie and captures the emotions of the characters taking a stand for themselves.

Whoever obtains the One Piece would have the ultimate treasure a chance to obtain the greatest freedom. This idea is not just a treasure but a state of mind for feeling the freest and the most achieved in life. Henceforth, One Piece Stampede is definitely worth watching and who knows who will prevail in the end?

Anime: Eyes and Transformations

Eyes are essential in seeing and also in transforming. The transformative nature of a character can be seen as a power boost or an incomplete status that could damage them. These transformations are where the eyes change and give them an image associated with the newfound power.

Akihito Kanbara (Beyond the Boundary) is a member of the Literary Club and is a half-youmu. Youmus are catastrophic illusions that seek to possess humans giving them a hostile nature and are targeted by Spirit Warriors because of this phenomenon. He turns into this state when Akihito gets severely injured and the youmu side comes out. In the half-youmu state, Akihito has great healing capacities and becomes a being with black eyes, blonde hair with green highlights, and mysterious green energy surrounding him.

Seras Victoria (Hellsing) is a former gunshot victim who was turned in an immortal creature of great power. Seras were held hostage by a vampire priest and as such eyes turn from ocean blue to blood red. As a vampire, she has enhanced strength, reflexes, power over souls, everlasting life, and other vampire abilities.

Ken Kaneki (Toyko Ghoul) was a student at Kamii University until the fateful day of meeting Rize Kamishiro. Rize changed Kaneki's life in many ways than one like for instance a half breed. He undergoes a transplanted Ghoul (a human-like creature who eats humans) transformation as a half-human and half-ghoul. This earned him the status of the first artificial one-eyed ghoul which he covers the red-eye by an eye patch.

Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan) earned the fourth rank in the Military Police Brigade and is characterized as a lone wolf. She takes on the form of the Female Titan where she fights in martial arts combat and hardening abilities. In human form, the eyes are blue while the Titan form is giant green eyes.

Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Howl's Moving Castle) is a powerful wizard who goes by many names and spreads rumors to keep his privacy. He has a curse that the Witch of the Waste cast upon him to return to her. The curse changes Howl's appearance by feathers and black blue eyes than bright blue eyes.

Anime is filled with transformations and power-ups for characters to the point of insanity. Without changes in appearance, anime would not be the same for these changes are signs of growth in characters. Finally, the eyes that are coming next are where holders of eyes are hunted down.

Visual Jutsus of Naruto

The Naruto Universe has many Jutsus and some of the most powerful are Kekkei Genkai (bloodline or specific chakra related Jutsus). The visual Jutsus of the series would be Byakugan, Ketsuryūgan, Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai, and Rinnegan.

Byakugan (All Seeing White Eye) is a Dojutsu where the Ōtsutsuki Clan and later the Hyūga Clan adopted to use in battle. It gives the user a 360 degrees diameter of sight around them except a small blind spot behind the neck and allows them to see far distances like surveillance missions. These white-eyes are best suited for to see far distances ahead, to see through solid objects, and to see detailed chakra networks in another ninja. The Hyūga Clan takes advantage of seeing the chakra networks within a ninja and use the gentle fist Taijutsu to cut off the flow of a person's chakra in the body.

Ketsuryūgan is the Blood Dragon Eye and is carried in some members of the Chinoike clan. The eyes are so red that the Blood Dragon Eye is a pretty good description of their abilities in iron manipulation. The Chinoike clan was trapped in a desert and would learn to control liquids with high levels of iron to control the blood in a person or other liquids with high iron. Like the Sharingan, the Ketsuryūgan has genjutsu capabilities in either skin contact or even looking in the eyes. They use this to hypnotize their victims in many varieties and to extract information from the mind of the opposing party.

Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai is a technique that has penetrating vision, clear vision through obstructions, and see far away. Ranmaru has the ability to counter other Dojutsu's visual abilities in blocking the vision of chakra. Through the Chakra Ghost Technique, Ranmaru was able to fool Byakugan for the user saw illusions with shapes resembling chakra networks. He can create irresistible Genjutsu, tell a person's next action by reading the life force, reading people's thoughts, and transfer his life force to someone else to heal them.

Rinnegan is the reincarnation eye and is white with black concentric circles (a circle within many circles). The eye gives the user the ability to use the Six Paths Technique with various applications. These applications are: Deva Path (attract and repel forces), Asura Path (changing one's body composition to metal and mechanical component), Human Path (extracting human souls), Animal Path (summoning various animals), Preta Path (absorbing chakra), and the Naraka Path (summons King of Hell which deciphers dishonesty and has an immense healing factor).

Probably, one of the important abilities associated with the Rinnegan is the Outer Path ensuring reincarnation of a person and techniques dealing with the Ten-Tails chakra beast. There other Kekkei Genkai abilities in Naruto, but Dojutsus are the visual-based techniques in the franchise. Finally, the next blog would focus on the eyes granted through transformations.