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Powerful Eyes and Anime

Eyes are organs that function for seeing and acts similar to lens conveying images. Visible light comes into view in the eye like a mirror in which the film in your head fills with sensory images of life.

In anime, sight is important but also secondary at times when power is mentioned about eyes. Leo Watch bears witness to the Harlem's Lot in New York where Riga El Menuhyut gave him blue eyes in Blood Blockade Battlefront. The blue eyes given to him are All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods which grant the user immense power but at the sacrifice of Michella Watch's eyesight, causing her blindness. The holders of this ancient artifact see the “Truth of the World” like seeing the past and future as well as false appearances or illusions. There are other powers like switching two people's vision, casting sight to those of the holder, and tracking someone's aura. However, their use of the blue eyes for prolonged periods of time results in cracking in the eyes and further use could risk the holder's death beyond the cracking.

Obito Uchiha can go as the alias of Tobi and becomes the leader of the Akatsuki organization with a change of heart at the end of it. Tobi has two Dōjutsus (visual jutsus) which are the Sharingan (a jutsu passed down in the Uchila clan as a kekkei Genkai) and the Rinnegan (a Jutsu that has very specific conditions to exist in Naruto). The Sharingan gives Obito access to The Eye of Insight (see chakra, acute perception of sight, or copying Jutsus with the prerequisite requirements) and to the Eye of Hypnotism (create illusions or the ability to appear to see the future).

Obito's Mangekyō Sharingan uses Kamui which gives him dimension teleporting and sorta intangibility in the body. Kurumi Tokisaki is the third Spirit to appear in Date A Live and is so brutal that she is known as the Worst Spirit. She has the power to make clones and overwhelm fighters in the numbers game. Kurumi's eye counts down on her lifeforce and she needs to feed on other people's life forces to overcome her fate. The ultimate combo she has is her shadow clones from different timelines from the combined powers of time and shadows.

Lelouch Lamperouge is the de-facto leader of a rebellion against the Britannia Empire and seeks personal vengeance upon this empire. One day, he experiences a rescue attempt and somehow got power from C.C. who bestowed his power over the mind. The power would come to be known as the “Power of the King” or Geass. Lelouch's Geass is absolute obedience meaning that he can demand something from people only once ever. This might not seem like a lot but the power to control people only once turned the tide many times for Lelouch in the show like covering up times where he got exposed as Zero.

Anime has many eyes and those eyes tell a story about the character and their other aspects.

So that’s it for now on the Powerful Eyes and Anime! Watch out for my next blog, detailing more information about Kekkei Genkai involving certain Jutsu related characters. Until then...

Anime and Wind Users

Wind is comprised of air particles moving around in all directions and is symbolic of freedom in and of itself. Sometimes, this phenomenon can make or break a day depending on the temperature. For instance, if it is windy on a cooler day, it will suddenly feel colder, or visa versa on very hot days. Air is a wind that we breathe and what it has in it is important for health matters.

In Anime, there are moments where moving air as wind composes of different attacks and uses from the casters. Yuno (Black Clover) is an orphan who grew up in the Little Church in Hage Village and was later accepted into the Golden Dawn Magjc Knight Squad. He is a character who at a young age had a talent for wind magic which would yield a Four Leaf Grimoire (the more leaves the better and four is very high) for him. Also, Yuno's greatest potential for magic is his spirit magic. Spirit magic for him is Sylph, the wind spirit, who gives him access to powerful wind spells like Sylph's Breathe (a blast of very concentrated wind in streams).

Fuu Hououji (Magic Knights Rayearth) is a magic knight with constant smiles, politeness, and high levels of intelligence. Archery is an innate skill set with wind abilities that Fuu uses to redirect the arrows ensuring very accurate shots. There are many ways that she uses wind for many situations like winds of healing, immobilizing opponents, protective formations for defense, and sharp wind blade attacks.

Jin (Yu-Yu Hakusho) first appeared in the Dark Tournament Saga in Yu-Yu Hakusho and is always cheerful and full of excitement. Aerokinesis or wind control is what he brings on and off the battlefield. Jin uses aerial type combat at times that is meant for hit and run tactics but only go as fast the wind allows him to do so. Makai, one of the strongest S class demons, was stunned when Jin used his Tornado Explosion. Tornado Explosion is a move that comes in a tornado fist with electricity embedded in the tornado.

Aquila Yuna (Saint Seiya Omega) is the Saint Bronze of the Aquila constellation and can be irritable when provoked. She can attack combatants with hurricanes and tornadoes but typically battles is physical especially kicks from Yuna. Wind can be altered in the forms by ears being sensitive to noise (better hearing) and wind enhancements on melee techniques performed by this Saint. In the Saint status, Yuna is able to access light speed through seventh sense form and other Saint related abilities like atomic manipulation.

Kazuma Yagami (Stigma of the Wind) is an exiled member from the Kannagi family for not learning Enjutsu (fire-wielding). He forms a contract that says “Eyes as blue as the azure sky. That is the symbol of the Contractor, entrusted by the Spirit King of the Wind with the powers of his domain. I bear this mark, the Stigma of the Wind.” to grant him Fū-jutsu. As being a Wind Technique Practitioner, Kazuma can strengthen wind abilities, can redirect any battle attempts, can hide one's image (invisibility), can track somebody's physical or spiritual presence, and can activate his contract ability in controlling wind spirits and near invisibility. Extreme anger can cause him to be sidetracked and reduce the power input from the Spirit God of the Wind in crimson eyes and black wind as potential signs.

Wind can weather rocks, move waves across the oceans, do damage to infrastructure, make the artic even colder, influence stronger fires, and other forces on Earth. Wind is very influential as an element for it produces power like water and fire and makes other elements intense both in life and in Anime situations.

Hurricane Irene had damaging winds, dangerous storm surges (water as flooding), vibrations as tremors in Virginia (earth as plate tectonics like activity), warm temperatures for storm growth (fire as heat), hitting New York (ice as cold temperatures killing the storm), and conditions to cause thunderstorms possibly (lighting as thunderstorms). In closing, wind can go so fast that it could counter water which means a wind user could match a water user's attacks.

Anime and Water Users

Water is a fluid element in nature, constantly changing shape and matter. The water cycle always has H₂O as in water vapor, liquid, or sometimes ice structures like snow. Without water, we would not have groundwater for drinking or even the autotrophs such as plants for their parts in food webs.

Anime has both the vigorousness and gentleness attributes for the dihydrogen monoxide (water) to exist. Lala-Ru is very reserved in nature and throughout Now and Then, Here and There she is looking at the sunsets. She is the holder of a water pendant in which has a large preserve of water in it. She can channel the water residing in the pendant to bring forth a scarce commodity of water in a desert from a necklace.

Kisame Hoshigaki has two main associations of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and Akatsuki with Itachi Uchiha as a partner. He earned the nicknames “Monster of the Hidden Mist” and “Tailed Beast Without a Tail” due to his massive chakra levels and his sword Samehada. Samehada is a living sword who hungers for chakra from Kisame's opponents and Kisame has enough chakra to spare to continue feeding Samehada. He can fuse with Samehada to gain the ability to breathe underwater and has a water Jutsu to trap enemies in a sphere of water and attacks them in the sphere along with summoned sharks.

Tsukiumi is Minato's fourth Sekirei and claims herself as Minato's legal wife who she is super possessive over him. She has a norito or a Shinto ritualistic prayer granting special powers to her in battle The norito is “This water represents my pledge, purify the evil residing in my Ashikabi!” and attacks with strong water moves like Suiryū (Water Dragon).

Yūto Kigai is a student at Clamp Academy and serves as a bureaucrat at the Ward Office. He controls the element of water and transforms his body as liquid water at times. Yūto summons floods and uses water bolts in a battle to gain the upper hand in X-1999.

Water is a super force in the elements for it can give life and/or destroy life. The ocean is a massive body of salty water moving in waves or in currents. Flooding is a primary concern in coastal areas and land near water for it damages property and populations of organisms. Water is so much of an equalizer over fire that the molecules create a barrier between the fuel source and free-flowing oxygen for flames. A fire user would have to produce flames so hot that any water coming in contact with it might turn into steam.

Anime and Fire Users

Fire is a devastating force where flames burn hot, but fire can supply life within its embers as well. There are two means where fire thrives…in both the molten rock in the Earth's core or nuclear reactions of solar proportions also known as the sun. Flames have the capacity to burn matter or give substance to life as warmth and energy.

Anime is a domain where fire burns brightly through the power of emotions igniting users along the way. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto has risen up in the ranks from the first captain to the current Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 in Bleach. He might have lived over millennia, but still packs a punch as one of the strongest and oldest fighters in the Soul Society.

Ryūjin Jakka (the strongest fire Zanpakutō) is Yamamoto's Zanpakutō which holds the power of fire through Shikai and Bankai. Yamamoto's signature command is “Reduce All Creation to Ash” in the Shikai form while the Bankai form focuses on incineration techniques of various flame attacks.

Portgas D. Ace was the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and formerly the captain of the Spade Pirates in One Piece. Ace's power originates from Mera Mera no Mi (Flame-Flame) devil fruit resulting in a flame human. The Logia classification of devil fruit is especially rare and grants “Fire Fist” Ace's body of intangibility flames.

Roy Mustang is an officer in the Amestrian State Military and a hero of the Ishval Civil War in Fullmetal Alchemist. Fullmetal identified the protagonist of FMA and Roy's indicating status is the Flame Alchemist. Ignition Cloth Gloves allows Mustang to transmute oxygen in the air to make fire and to separate oxygen in large bodies of water to use the combustible hydrogen.

Aribaba Sarūja is the third successor to the throne in the Balbadd Kingdom as the prince and is Aladdin's King Vessel in Magi. He is a Dungeon Capturer and has the Djinn Amon who bears the fire affinity and is the 7th Djinn (lifeforms created from Rukh or home of souls). DjinnWeapon Equip allows Aribaba to use the Sword of Melting for the domain of fire and Djinn Equip further allows him to be fully embraced by fire armor with greater firepower.

The Sun influences life through the food web but there are other ways like fire releasing pine cones seeds or creating pyrogenic organic matter or fertile soil after burning.

Volcanic activity and the Earth's mantle shape the tectonic plates; in which magma causes them to float on top of molten rock. There are very few ice users who stand a chance against fire…giving fire users huge advantages in battle. The immense temperature of fire is the opposing counter to the cold temperatures in ice.

Anime: Dubs VS Subs

Anime has different meanings to various people thought out of the community. Today is anime fans and their main interests this medium. In the anime community, there are two types that people pay attention to which are subs versus dubs. The original version of the anime is the native language like Japanese dialogue in speaking characters and voices. The original takes a form where the translators try to send it off to another country in written language. Subtitles is the process of translating one native speech to other tongues. These translated words are subs and appear as written text on the screen in the anime. A notable source for English subs is Crunchyroll and their channel on VRV. This is one of the respected sources for English subs but there are many more. Words on a screen might be an option for anime as well as dubbing. Dubbing is the process of not only translating but it is spoken in the new language as well. This process involves voice actors reading the translated scripts and speak it for the screen like the original version. An example of an English dubbing service is Funimation in America. The first dubbed version expresses more of the original meaning than the subbed and second dubbed adaptations. Remember, each time something goes under review and has revisions it is going to be different which could lose meaning. In the war between Crunchyroll and Funimation, there is no clear victor in the fight for both in the English community provides unique experiences. Anime is what a person chooses to make out of it meaning that anime is versatile.

Top Anime Ice Users

Ice is present in the world, but only in conditions where the 0 degrees Celsius is possible. The cold and ice go hand-in-hand for they complement one another; ice cannot occur without having cold temperatures.

People might not think that ice is a force of nature but glaciers play a major part in the polar ice caps and the tundra habitat. Wielders of ice in Anime are seen as tough fighters and can be difficult to deal with in battle.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya is a 10th division captain in the Gotei 13 throughout Bleach. Hyōrinmaru is Tōshirō's Zanpakutō (a spiritual blade for a Shinigami in the series) which is the strongest of all ice-element Zanpakutō in Soul Society. The sword's two power levels are Shikai and Bankai where the power increases from ice dragon projectiles in Shikai to a dragon's features displayed as ice reinforced battle armor in Bankai which is the most powerful form.

Gelato is the Vongola Snow Guardian and is the villain of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III. He makes objects made from snow and water through the techniques of Diamond Dust, Cage of Snow, or etc. Probably, a well-known attack from him is Snow Reindeer, where a reindeer rushes towards enemies, which is Gelaro's Box Weapon while his most surprising move is Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition (a move that seals weak Dying Will Flames and is immune to all attacks except by strong Dying Will Flames).

Esdeath was a high ranking official in the Empire and became the Jaegers' leader under the Prime Minister in Akame Ga Kill! She has a hidden ability to her ice powers where an Elemental-type Teigu, The Demon's Extract, is absorbed through the user's blood and tied to their life for living. Ice powers from the Demon's Extract gives Esdeath abilities over freezing time and space, creating an army of centaur soldiers, and a large scale Russian winter over an entire area.

Mizore Shirayuki takes the position on the Newspaper Club at Yōkai Academy and her status of Yōkai is a Yuki-Onna. In Japanese, Yuki-Onna translates to Snow-Woman and Mizore's control over Cryokinesis or ice manipulation is very immense. She can freeze any body of water and shape it as blast attacks, projectiles, or claw hardened hands throughout Rosario + Vampire.

Tōran is a part of the Panther Divas who seek revenge against the Dog Demon clan in InuYasha. Winter Storm is Tōran in English and as the name applies ice is first and cold wind second. She fights fiercely and uses a staff to continue firing ice blasts and freezing her opponents.

During the Ice Age, ice used to be a dominant force of nature. The Ice Age was a period in which half of North America was covered by sheets of glaciers. These glaciers carved out the land underneath it to the point of deep erosion across the ground. Similarly, in Anime, if an ice user stumbles upon an earth user, then ice could influence the earth and create a permafrost like ground. Permafrost could hinder an opponent's control over the ground. Ice then being present, would allow both or either of the users to manipulate the frozen ground.

Charmander Keeps Burning

Charmander is now more glorified than ever for keeping its tail lit. The scene where Ash found Charmander changed the series entirely because Charizard would play a major role in Pokémon. Charizard is just as recognized as Pikachu is and has the power to back it up. There is a reason why the fire heavyweight keeps coming back in the anime for the iconic image needed a boost in other seasons. Do not leave a Charmander alone to die in your life for that Charmander can be a mighty Charizard like Ash's. The image is below and sees it for the picture provides a cake of epic proportions.

Top Anime Earth Users

When the earth beneath our feet is mentioned, mostly we think of hard ground and stable footing to walk on. What if I told you that in the ground beneath one's feet there lies fragile plates just waiting to cause an earthquake? Well, the plates move every day and some movements actually do cause earthquakes as well as mountains and trenches. 

So it is with Anime. There are cases in anime where characters can move earth so forcefully that it seems to be one with the caster. Ivan Goncharov is part of Rats in the House of the Dead and is always smiling due to his “unhappiness removed” through facial surgery. This Precipice allows Ivan to manipulate the earth around him into golem-like arms or floating rocks that can be used for both offense and defense. Along with fighting, he also has sensory abilities to detect enemies if they are on the ground; as is with the show Bungou Stray Dogs. 

Candice from Marchen Awakens Romance is the 11th strongest Knight and 13th strongest army among the Chess Pieces. She has four boulder technique attacks which are: Boulder Axe (a large stone ax weapon), Boulder Claw (like boxing gloves but with rocks on the hands), Boulder Fang (launches sharp rock shards under the opponent), and Grand Boulder (creates giant boulders). The signature attack from Candice is Boulder Crush coming from Boulder Fang while her specialty is Gordon which acts similar to the eyes of Medusa of stone petrification to enemies. 

The Earthy is an all-powerful card as one of the four elemental cards in Cardcaptor Sakura and has a fortune-telling potential as a Clow card. It has some very destructive magic for it can cause earthquakes and other geological disturbances. If the Earthy so chooses to, it can disturb major faultlines in the earth, it can make avalanches, and it can create fissures. 

Spirit of Earth is one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits resulting from the Great Spirit's creation in Shaman King. Normally, the spirit would use its move attraction where gravity is taken from the Earth and avoid damage by changing an attack's trajectory or direction. When this spirit is over-souled by Asakura Yoh, the gravity manipulation is so strong that it countered the gravity in a sucking blackhole in Shaman King. 

Diane is the Serpent's Sin of Envy and towers the other Seven Deadly Sins in comparison; by being a member of the Giant Clan. Due to Diane's connection to the Giant Clan, she has the Creation ability exclusive to giants and allows her to bend earth freely. Creation is greatly supported by her Sacred Treasure: War Hammer Gideon and by the Drole's Dance to boost one's connection to the earth and individual power levels. 

Lastly, lightning does not stand a chance against the ground for the ground nullifies electricity. There is a reason why the lightning rod was created based on this concept. Since electricity has little to no effect on the ground, a lightning user would have to resort to strength and intellect to outwit their opposing earth element user.

Anime and Lightning Powers

Usually, the word lightning is associated with thunderstorms, breaking across the sky in flashes. Who could forget the bright flashes that occur rapidly in the atmosphere above? Anime, however, features lightning in a much different way. In Anime, characters (countless users with lightning attributes) do battle and contemplate how to outwit their enemies.

One such Anime is as follows: Fairy Tail. In Fairy Tail, Laxus Dreyar has an interesting situation; Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar is his grandfather. Laxus’ father is Ivan Dreyar. Ivan embarks on other endeavors than Fairy Tail in being the Raven Tail’s master.

Laxus uses magic that consists of electricity known as Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. His attacks are named for his lightning magic and give him access to high voltage throughout his body which in return he can recharge himself like a battery from other electricity than his.

Another Anime character featuring lightning is Eneru from One Piece. He was the former God of Skypedia before getting ejected by Luffy. God Enel ate the Goro Goro no Mi or Rumble-Rumble devil fruit which grants the user's body to be a lightning human. His fruit is especially rare for it is in the Lugia classification making the user's body of intangibility lightning.

A third character named the Fourth Raikage of Hidden Cloud Village is a Shinobi with great stamina and physique. Nintaijutsu is the combination of ninjutsu and taijutsu to form the Lightning Release Chakra Mode. The user's entire body is surrounded by lightning chakra where someone like A where his battle presence increases tenfold such as reflexes, strength, durability, and speed.

“I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and for Courage. I am Sailor Jupiter! It'll fill you with regret, it'll leave you numb!“— Sailor Jupiter's stock introduction. Makoto Kino is the civilian name for Sailor Jupiter who strives to protect the universe with Sailor Moon. Also, her DiC name is Lita which is short for lightning that Sailor Jupiter uses to fight in battle.

Finally, a character that is worthy of an honorable mention is Pikachu! I’m referring more to electricity rather than lightning in this case. Pikachu is synonymous with Nintendo as their mascot and as their starter Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. Probably, the closest move that Pikachu can learn that resembles a lightning attack is Thunder.

Other lightning users in Anime are A Certain Magical Index's Mikoto Misaka, Hunter x Hunter's lightning assassin, Killua Zoldyck, Getbackers lightning Emperor Ginji Amano, and Hitman Reborn's Lambo.

How is Anime Similar to the Friday the 13th Series?

Friday the 13th is a day that is shrouded in misfortune and slaughter by Jason Voorhees. The American horror series somehow made a simple hockey mask into an iconic image of slasher films and most recognized villains. Jason strikes a chord with viewers because of his past at the summer camp and the accursed lake where he was tortured and met his downfall. Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey is so infamous for Camp Crystal Lake scenes that fans are only selected to go in a lottery-type system for viewing.

Similar to the tragedy of Jason, Higurashi When They Cry? is an anime set in a small town of Hinamizawa where the residents are devastated by unforeseen events. The main character, Lord Oyashiro's curse is that he is blamed for disappearances and murders on the night of Watanagashi. This series definitely delivers on violence and gore for those who want a similar plot to Friday the 13th.

A secondary anime series that comes to mind where horror, mystery, and death are the main concepts for the series is Another. Another’s plot focuses on the mysterious death of a student named Misaki in the town of Yomiyama. Misaki’s death shrouds the town, causing the townspeople to fear the unknown dark secrets hidden within. Kouichi Sakakibara is a transfer student in Another who strives for answers and ignores all the warnings he’s been given about getting close with a particular classmate.

In Boogiepop Never Laughs: Boogiepop Phantom takes a tamer approach than the others, exploring different accounts of the same killing spree five years ago. The storyline focuses on rumors that tell of a legendary Shinigami who will release people from their pain and suffering, also known as Boogiepop. Is it Boogiepop, “Angel of Death,” that is causing these mysterious cases of people vanishing or is it something else entirely?

Paranoia Agent has the infamous Shounen Bat (Lil' Slugger) who causes terror for many citizens in Musashino City. Not unlike Jason’s signature machete, Paranoia Agent rollerblades and hits unexpected victims with a golden baseball bat. The Shounen Bat is spreading paranoia so much that the detectives investigating the attacker might even get caught in the crosshairs of the paranoia.

Last but not least, Tokyo Ghoul comes to mind when the subject of Jason is brought up. Yakumo Oomori is so known for his brutality and extreme torture that he gets coined the alias, “13th Ward Jason.” If you want to see a very drastic personality change in Kaneki, then you need to see the Aogiri Arc from Tokyo Ghoul.

In all of these Anime series, you can definitely see the influences in the horror pop culture series, Friday the 13th.