Powerful Eyes and Anime

Eyes are organs that function for seeing and acts similar to lens conveying images. Visible light comes into view in the eye like a mirror in which the film in your head fills with sensory images of life.

In anime, sight is important but also secondary at times when power is mentioned about eyes. Leo Watch bears witness to the Harlem's Lot in New York where Riga El Menuhyut gave him blue eyes in Blood Blockade Battlefront. The blue eyes given to him are All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods which grant the user immense power but at the sacrifice of Michella Watch's eyesight, causing her blindness. The holders of this ancient artifact see the “Truth of the World” like seeing the past and future as well as false appearances or illusions. There are other powers like switching two people's vision, casting sight to those of the holder, and tracking someone's aura. However, their use of the blue eyes for prolonged periods of time results in cracking in the eyes and further use could risk the holder's death beyond the cracking.

Obito Uchiha can go as the alias of Tobi and becomes the leader of the Akatsuki organization with a change of heart at the end of it. Tobi has two Dōjutsus (visual jutsus) which are the Sharingan (a jutsu passed down in the Uchila clan as a kekkei Genkai) and the Rinnegan (a Jutsu that has very specific conditions to exist in Naruto). The Sharingan gives Obito access to The Eye of Insight (see chakra, acute perception of sight, or copying Jutsus with the prerequisite requirements) and to the Eye of Hypnotism (create illusions or the ability to appear to see the future).

Obito's Mangekyō Sharingan uses Kamui which gives him dimension teleporting and sorta intangibility in the body. Kurumi Tokisaki is the third Spirit to appear in Date A Live and is so brutal that she is known as the Worst Spirit. She has the power to make clones and overwhelm fighters in the numbers game. Kurumi's eye counts down on her lifeforce and she needs to feed on other people's life forces to overcome her fate. The ultimate combo she has is her shadow clones from different timelines from the combined powers of time and shadows.

Lelouch Lamperouge is the de-facto leader of a rebellion against the Britannia Empire and seeks personal vengeance upon this empire. One day, he experiences a rescue attempt and somehow got power from C.C. who bestowed his power over the mind. The power would come to be known as the “Power of the King” or Geass. Lelouch's Geass is absolute obedience meaning that he can demand something from people only once ever. This might not seem like a lot but the power to control people only once turned the tide many times for Lelouch in the show like covering up times where he got exposed as Zero.

Anime has many eyes and those eyes tell a story about the character and their other aspects.

So that’s it for now on the Powerful Eyes and Anime! Watch out for my next blog, detailing more information about Kekkei Genkai involving certain Jutsu related characters. Until then... https://imgur.com/gallery/a3QyqQC