Seven Deadly Sins Profile: Ban

When you hear the word thieves, you imagine a rough upbringing and the need for money or the thrill of the specific action. Whether you call them burglar, bandit, or even robber, they all mean a person that steals objects or something of value for their desires. The character that is worth mentioning some of these traits is none other than Ban.

Ban has many sides to him other than a thief. Just because he displays traits as a bandit, it does not mean he is always a bandit in the series.

Ban was born in Raven and grew up with abusive parents. This would lead him to a life of stealing without knowing the true consequences of such actions. He avoids his childhood home and tries life on the streets. At first, Ban was sloppy at being sly as a fox and would eventually get thrown into Aberdeen Prison. The prison is the first stage of where Ban would learn the art of thievery as a talent with few people noticing. He meets Zhivago who offers the kid some food and creates a plan to escape the prison. This leads to Ban and Zhivago to meet once in a while at the hideout and talk about trivial life. Somehow, Ban gets tricked and gets sold to Lord Roxanu only later to end getting saved by Zhivago. This encounter resonated with Ban for the true desire to learn to steal tactics from Zhivago.

Zhivago tells Ban that a life of crime through theft would be one of the hardships. Despite the warning, Ban persisted to learn the ways of manipulation and greed actions. Ban accepted this lifestyle and Zhivago would teach him how to steal. Among stealing, Zhivago shares stories of great heists including the Fountain of Youth. This story plays a major role for the fountain and the guardian of such a fountain. However, he quickly learns some things are not quite as they seem to be.

Ban has orders to wait for Zhivago at a specific location, but instead he gets bored one night and wanderers off to steal instead. Lord Roxanu soon again mets Ban and this starts the consequences Ban faces for stealing from him. Zhivago sees Ban get beaten to a pulp but rather than saving him yet again, he saves his own biological son.

Ten years later, Ban would go on an adventure looking for the infamous heist about the Fountain of Youth. He would go to the forest of legend and desires the water for atonement. He goes by the name of Bandit Ban and climbs the tree in the Fairy King’s Forest where the eternal spring resides. The guardian of the fountain, Eliane, stops Ban in his tracks for obtaining the water. He is prepared to fight Eliane and pretends to launch his staff for her instead goes for the eternal cup which also failed.

Elaine mistook Ban for having negative feelings and that is why she later released him with him no signs of such emotions. He explained to Elaine to why he needed to live forever and then he left saying Eliane is “too much for him.”

He came back to retrieve a misplaced from the last visit. However, this time he reflected more on having immorality to where he had many years to something right in his life than crime, He would stay with Elaine for several days to befriend Eliane and ended up developing feelings for her.

Elaine and Ban fell in love and eventually, an ironic state of events Ban drinks the water as a measure from Elaine to save his life. This is where Ban is alive while his true love, Elaine is trapped in suspended animation as the demon attack on the Fairy King Forest. Ban is soon faced with the reality to save Elaine as his primary goal and now time is on his side to figure out Elaine’s situation.

Ban is the Fox Sin of Greed and bears the marking of a Fox tattoo with a shining star on the tail. It is alleged that greed is the intense desire for more especially over wealth and power. Ban is branded as the Fox Sin because it is believed that out of greed destroyed the Fairy King Forest and hurt the one he loves for the water from the Fountain of Youth.

This is a misunderstanding and puts a larger target on Ban from the Fairy King himself. Anyway, he has a really high healing factor and is seen to recover within seconds from metal rods in his body during the Baste Dungeon escape. As well as extreme healing, he has the Snatch ability in which he steals physical objects or someone’s physical abilities like strength or speed. He even stole a demon’s heart in an instant which had little effect for that demon had multiple hearts. He is very skilled in a fight and often fights with Meliodas on equal footing.

In Ban’s case, greed might lead him to have selfish tendencies but overall he is a person like any other. Ban experienced a total of 33 failed executions where each time his healing kicked in. He met Meliodas when one day he showed up and offered a request to be a knight. Ban got thrown out of his cell and Meliodas got him excited to join the team. Ban only joined because Meliodas said if you want to continue our fight then you have to join the Seven Deadly Sins. Ban holds Meliodas in high regard in terms of a fighter for he was the only person to give a scar that does not heal which he recalls as a “special case.” Furthermore, Ban embraces the selfish desires he feels and is redeemable in his love to Elaine.