Seven Deadly Sins Profile: Diane

Usually, when Mother Earth is brought up, you visualize plants all around and other earthly phenomena. Well, what if I told you that the next profile features this concept though in manipulating earth. The character at hand is no other than Diane herself. She can give you a big smile and be super outgoing at the same time. She without a doubt could crush you if are not careful when you are around her.

Diane gives viewers the impression that she is down to earth until you cross her concerning Meliodas. She is protected over him because Meliodas was one of the few characters to recognize her as a person. There could be an argument for King being close to at an early age, but that is forgotten later on. One day, Meliodas noticed Diane being targeted by the Knights of the Golden Wheats who were discrinimating on grounds of a giant background.

Later on, Diane, Dolores, and Matrona were all hired to be mercenaries under Liones and ended up ambushed instead. The knights that employed them wanted Matrona and the bragging rights with taking out a fearsome giant by battle. Diane would be charged under false pretenses as a result of the ambush and was blamed for Matrona’s attack due to her in quote being “envy.” Before, she was sentenced for her supposed crimes, Meliodas came in and took responsibility on Diane’s behalf. She became a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and still admires Meliodas greatly for his kindness.

Diane is the Serpent's Sin of Envy and bears the mark of a snake on her thigh. She expresses this trait by being jealous of other characters possessions or their attention. She was branded this sin upon the Matrona flashback where false crimes were linked by envy. This truly occurs when Meliodas and Elizabeth’s connection are present in the series. She tries to get Meliodas’s attention more than Elizabeth which Elizabeth does not really try. The one-sided competition could get out of hand at times but it creates an interesting plot twist when you see it.

Probably, Diane’s main insecurity is her height as a Giant and desires to be small like other humans. She envies others who are human for she was outcasted as a giant and as a result wants the impossible or is it. There was only a couple moments where she got the bird’s eye view from a human’s perspective through a spell from Merlin.

Diane does not truly realize her love when it comes to King and his early connection to Diane. King found Diane in a cave and tried to company for a while. This happened when King got memory loss and forgot the origins of the fairies. As they spent time together, they grew closer where Diane’s earlier years were really impacted for not being alone. King even made new clothes for Diane where hers were old torn and ragged after coming apart. The new clothes are one-piece orange suit to replace the old clothes. In these years, Diane told King to always love her for the strong moments spent with one another and recovery while being ill. This resonates later when Diane mets King again ten years ago in the Seven Deadly Sins timeline.

As the Serpent Sin, Diane has tremendous battle prowess and skill while fighting. She might be a giant and might already have the advantage but her totem power is what really sells her as a character. Creation is the main ability of the giants and bending the ground and Diane’s use is amplified with Gideon. Also, when Diane uses the giant dance technique her power increases tenfold as well. Gideon is Diane’s Sacred Treasure that allows one to fully access Creation better. It resembles a war hammer and an picaxe on both ends. She fights with it to not only hit the opponent but the earth around her trying to outwit those who stand in her way. She had to win this Sacred Treasure back in an arena setting during the Vaizel Fighting Festival. For a perspective reasoning, the entire town of Vaizel was devastated by pillars of earth when Diane was reunited with Gideon after Meliodas’s wounds. Also, she has a move, Lightning Rod, where magic is absorbed and redirected in the ground. Though, this move hurts the earth and the creatures that reside in it so Diane is cautious about it when using this technique.

Furthermore, Diane is later named as the “Future Giant Queen” from the former Giant King, Drole. Drole protected Diane to his dying breath and named her as his successor before he died. Giants might be a warrior driven society though Diane had different intentions as a giant. Diane ran away from the Giants several times due to the fighting atmosphere and fear of herself being trained as the best giant for battle. All of this proves that Diane wanted to live a more peaceful life away from fighting and have something more out of life. Eventually, this experience is fundamental to developing bonds with Liones and the Seven Deadly Sins. If Diane thinks you as the opposing side, then prepare for one tough battle ahead of you.