Seven Deadly Sins Profile: Meliodas

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a Netflix Original Anime series. Netflix bought the rights to make the Anime and along with other entertainment for original content on their platform.

The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of legendary knights in Liones. The Liones Kingdom used to hold these knights “as the strongest and cruelest chivalric order in the kingdom” until after one turn of events. These knights represent the sins of humanity as such all of them have characteristics to their particular sin. The characters of the seven require time to escape their accusations of betrayal and come back together as six in numbers. Now, they fight against the force of the betrayal and surprises that await them.

For this particular blog post, the sin that will be explored is the character profile of Meliodas. Meliodas is the Dragon Sin of Wrath and the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. He might seem really friendly which he is but he can lose self control just like anyone. It takes an extreme situation for Meliodas to turn from his usual personality to his wrathful side. This might be rare but when it occurs the situation at hand is dire for those around him. Changing into a state of high alert where anyone is the enemy causes Meliodas to potentially hurt those close to him. Friend or foe, it does not matter in the heightened state of anger and rage.

Meliodas’s wrathful side could be explained through his age and connection to longevity. He bears the Ouroboros tattoo of a dragon eating its tail. Ouroboros represents infinity a cycle in which time repeats itself forever. As a dragon is a symbol of anger, the snake in a circle is the embodiment of a long life as an immoral being. Meliodas has both anger and longevity in his character design and plays a significant role in the story. Currently, the captain is 3,000 years plus in Seven Deadly Sins and has a cursed side to him. The Ten Commandments (a group of powerful demons) are tied to Meliodas’s curse of immortality and they hold the key to get rid of it.

The Ten Commandments might prove a powerful adversary but Meliodas is a top contender as well. He has the origins of a demon and has ties to the Demon King. He is the eldest son of the Demon King and at one time he was the leader of the Ten Commandments. His involvement led the character to be known as the Meliodas the Love which is a name that strikes fear even the slightest mention of the Demon Clan. He fell in love with Elizabeth and as a result the dreaded Holy War began between the five clans. He is doomed to everlasting life and reverts back to his demon side whenever he dies. Both Elizabeth and Meliodas are tied to cursed lives and the fate of not seeing one another in their true forms.

Outside, Meliodas’s demon side and anger, he still possesses his normal fighting capabilities. He uses an attack where magic is reflected back at the opponent more than double the original power. Full Counter is the name of this move and allows the caster to manipulate other people’s magic back at them. There are limits to this like the user can not bounce back their magic, physical attacks, or indirect spells from the opposing party. It only reflects direct spells at whoever cast them in the first place. Also, another variation of counter is Revenge Counter. This allows Meliodas to absorb damage and store it. Revenge Counter is considered his trump card and is used as a last resort. He has to take damage and store the overall force from consecutive strikes the person he fights. He then unleashes this stored energy and causes a massive shockwave devastating the other fighter similar to an explosion.

Finally, Wrath is slated for those who express extreme furiousness, hatred, or other related negative feelings to rage. Meliodas embodies wrath not just for his demon heritage but wanting to protect those close to him. He can exert some control over the viciousness from being a demon through the belief of love and compassion. This love is what caused Meliodas to betray the Demon Clan and side with the other clans in the Holy War. So, remember if you mess with Meliodas, then you might wake up the sleeping dragon and the dragon’s wrath.