Visual Jutsus of Naruto

The Naruto Universe has many Jutsus and some of the most powerful are Kekkei Genkai (bloodline or specific chakra related Jutsus). The visual Jutsus of the series would be Byakugan, Ketsuryūgan, Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai, and Rinnegan.

Byakugan (All Seeing White Eye) is a Dojutsu where the Ōtsutsuki Clan and later the Hyūga Clan adopted to use in battle. It gives the user a 360 degrees diameter of sight around them except a small blind spot behind the neck and allows them to see far distances like surveillance missions. These white-eyes are best suited for to see far distances ahead, to see through solid objects, and to see detailed chakra networks in another ninja. The Hyūga Clan takes advantage of seeing the chakra networks within a ninja and use the gentle fist Taijutsu to cut off the flow of a person's chakra in the body.

Ketsuryūgan is the Blood Dragon Eye and is carried in some members of the Chinoike clan. The eyes are so red that the Blood Dragon Eye is a pretty good description of their abilities in iron manipulation. The Chinoike clan was trapped in a desert and would learn to control liquids with high levels of iron to control the blood in a person or other liquids with high iron. Like the Sharingan, the Ketsuryūgan has genjutsu capabilities in either skin contact or even looking in the eyes. They use this to hypnotize their victims in many varieties and to extract information from the mind of the opposing party.

Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai is a technique that has penetrating vision, clear vision through obstructions, and see far away. Ranmaru has the ability to counter other Dojutsu's visual abilities in blocking the vision of chakra. Through the Chakra Ghost Technique, Ranmaru was able to fool Byakugan for the user saw illusions with shapes resembling chakra networks. He can create irresistible Genjutsu, tell a person's next action by reading the life force, reading people's thoughts, and transfer his life force to someone else to heal them.

Rinnegan is the reincarnation eye and is white with black concentric circles (a circle within many circles). The eye gives the user the ability to use the Six Paths Technique with various applications. These applications are: Deva Path (attract and repel forces), Asura Path (changing one's body composition to metal and mechanical component), Human Path (extracting human souls), Animal Path (summoning various animals), Preta Path (absorbing chakra), and the Naraka Path (summons King of Hell which deciphers dishonesty and has an immense healing factor).

Probably, one of the important abilities associated with the Rinnegan is the Outer Path ensuring reincarnation of a person and techniques dealing with the Ten-Tails chakra beast. There other Kekkei Genkai abilities in Naruto, but Dojutsus are the visual-based techniques in the franchise. Finally, the next blog would focus on the eyes granted through transformations.